U x Alex Tempany Jewelry Capsule

U x Alex Tempany Jewelry Capsule

2021 Melbourne Fashion Week (M/FW) provides a symbol of renewal; the intersection of lockdown ending, the freshness of spring and the new collections of Melbournre’s creative forces.

To celebrate M/FW, Uniek and Alex Tempany Jewelry have created a capsule jewelry collection of 3 timeless pieces each featuring a hand formed, blank slate - one which tells your story.

In her first self-portrait series, celebrated Melbourne Fashion photographer Lauren Schulz showcases the beautiful quality of these two brands, together. The collection captures the timelessness and design detail of Uniek’s style, and Alex’s raw and unexpected textures. As always, with both brands, everything is designed and made right here in Melbourne.

Loungewear | Australian made | jewelry | capsule

The hero piece is a pair of rings - signifying 2 creative forces coming together. These are flanked by an anklet and necklace, all designed to be worn everyday, alongside your existing pieces, just like a second skin. Every piece is made by hand from pure silver and gold, meaning no two will ever be the same.

loungewear | organic cotton - australian made


Alex Tempany Jewelry is handcrafted slowly, to last forever. “My business is a testament to taking on hard challenges - I create jewelry to remind people that living bravely, leads to a bolder life. I craft from pure metals, ancient treasures and unique stones, always made in Melbourne”.

“U x Alex Tempany are pieces that represent the unique challenges we’ve all been through in the past 2 years; Katherine and I have survived through the support of our communities, and joined together to create a jewelry collection which embodies the power of Melbourne’s resilient creatives, with every piece being as unique as the person who is wearing it.”

Melbourne-born, Uniek offers a curated range of pieces designed to empower women to take on the shifting demands of modern life in the post-pandemic world.  Uniek's goal is to produce classic, timeless, sustainable fashion and all pieces are made with luxe cotton fabrics and designed with elegance in mind. The U x Alex Tempany collection combines the ethos of the 2 brands - to just be you. 

 “For Alex and I it was a natural progression.  We have been supporting each other and our businesses for some time now.  We have both endured the struggle of the pandemic and witnessed first hand what it has done to our Melbourne community - we wanted to find a way to connect our brands even further.  Working with Lauren was amazing.  She embodies what the collection stands for and what she has created showcases the beauty of the designs and the creativity of Lauren.”

uniek | loungewear | katherine gracey

The U x Alex Tempany collection will feature in Pop-up Runway 4 at this year's Melbourne Fashion Week, November 15th - 21st.

Katherine wears our Uniek Tee in Parchment  with the U x Alex Tempany Necklace and Alex wears our Uniek Tee in Onyx with the U x Alex Tempany Ring

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