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Self-portrait. A celebration of you.

In our current lockdown situtation, we recognise that people are struggling, industries are suffering and we are looking at ways to connect.                             

During lockdown, we have used this opportunity to connect with like-minded artists and showcase their talent.  In conjunction with the Inspired Co, our first project features photographer Zoe Spaleta.

The Brief: An up close and intimate celebration of the female form. 


We want to ensure all women feel seen and understood through UNIEK, regardless of their age, size or background. What we need today is to be at ease.  

Uniek’s ethos is all about celebrating and championing women through classic, timeless styles that empower and embrace.  We want you to feel your best in our garments, and that’s why we’ve designed them with beauty and comfort in mind.⁠



 Thank you Zoe for creating such beautiful photographs.

 Zoe wears our Arnhem Hoodie and Uniek Tee in Parchment, size 0.

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