Meet Josh, our Head of Design.

Meet Josh, our Head of Design.

Meet our Head of Design, Joshua Cappellari  - we call him Josh!

Josh has played such an integral role in building the Uniek brand from Day 1 and we wanted to share with you a little insight into Josh’s experience and his design inspiration for Uniek...

Why Fashion Design??

For as long as I can remember I have always loved fashion and my mum was a huge influence. She loved fashion and worked in a clothing store while I was growing up. From a young age she would always ask me for my opinion when shopping and selecting outfits for events. Her friends would always go to her for fashion advice and then she would ask me! That’s when I started to fall in love with fashion.

Growing up in a small town there weren't the subjects at school which specialised in textiles, so where I could, I would always incorporate fashion-related projects in almost every subject, like making a dress in Studio Art. Once I graduated, I moved to Melbourne and studied a degree in Fashion Design and that's when it all began.

I love fashion for so many reasons and the magical worlds it can create. It's an expression of ourselves, our moods and identities, and constantly evolves just as our lives do…. I can talk about it all day long 😊 

What and who inspires you?

I'm inspired by the women I am designing for. I like to think of the customer; what does she like? What’s her life like? Where is she wearing the pieces? And most importantly, how do they make her feel? From there I develop a bit of a character. This way, if I'm unsure of anything I can always refer back to her story and what she would wear.

The women can change depending on the brief and collection; however, she is always confident, strong and sure of herself and the clothing always needs to make her feel empowered. 

You have worked overseas in London, what was that experience like?

I was lucky enough to work for a brand I had loved for many years and alongside extremely talented people. The level of creativity, knowledge and skill was an incredible experience to see and be part of. All the pieces we worked on were very intricate and considered with the highest attention to detail at every stage of the design process.

One of my favourite experiences was working on collections that debuted at London Fashion Week. I loved watching these creations come to life from initial concepts to walking the runway. It was inspiring working alongside exceptional pattern makers, machinists and hand embellishes whose dedication and skill was unbelievable. We also worked on some incredible custom pieces. It was an amazing experience working in a place that has such a rich fashion history.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the Uniek designs? 

We were inspired by the women who would be wearing the pieces, where she would be wearing them and why she would choose them. We wanted to create something that was classic and easy to wear but also modern and unique with considered details that make an impact.

The market is saturated at the moment and we wanted to create pieces that would go beyond seasonal trends and stand out from other brands. We wanted to create something that was inclusive and catered to all women. Therefore, it was important for us to make pieces that were wearable, could be dressed up and down, and easily fit into someone's wardrobe.

We also had a major focus on sustainable fashion and using ethically sourced and sustainable materials. As you know, having it all sourced and made in Australia, including the organic cotton, was important to us as a brand as well as supporting the Australian fashion industry. you have a fav piece???

Oh I can’t, it's too hard to pick a favourite! I love all the elements and details from every piece… 

What do you love most about Uniek?

I was drawn to Uniek for what and who the brand stands for – supporting and empowering women and ensuring diversity and inclusion. I love the idea of creating a premium product from ethically and sustainably sourced materials, and having it all made locally, supporting the Australian fashion industry.

For Katherine and I, it has always been about creating quality premium product designed for longevity….designed for you.  We cannot wait for you to see!


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