A little Q and A with Katherine.

A little Q and A with Katherine.

It's hard to believe we have been live for nearly four months!  In saying that, our brand was created over 12 months ago at the start of the pandemic and it certainly has been a labour of love.

Little did we would know though that having endured the madness of 2020 (we see you Melbourne), we now find ourselves right back here (hello Australia). 

We have welcomed so many of you to our #uniekcrew, we thought we would share a little Q and A with our Founder, Katherine, on why UNIEK! 

What motivated you to start UNIEK? 

Over the past 18 months, the lines between work, parenting, leisure time and the daily admin of everyday life have blurred so much that I believe we need to simplify our lives where we can. I wanted to cater for a woman who wants to know that she has an effortless capsule wardrobe of comfortable separates on hand, that are not only extremely versatile but also align with her values.

How is sustainability woven into your brand/what practices do you engage in?

Sustainability is intrinsic to the label. Every piece is designed and made to transcend seasons so that each new capsule will stand the test of time. On a more practical level, it was always an imperative for me to make locally and from organic materials. UNIEK is 100% made in Melbourne from GOTS-certified organic cotton. We make in limited quantities to ensure there is no wasted stock. Our packaging is 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials. We are committed to the ongoing analysis of every step of our supply chain to minimise waste

How has your prior marketing knowledge and expertise assisted you in launching UNIEK? 

Understanding that the product is the hero. Working for Mercedes Benz impressed on me a passion and understanding of excellence and quality which I have carried with me into Uniek, with the intention of creating clothes that look and feel absolutely beautiful.

Beyond that, my background has built my understanding of the power of ambassadorship. As me and my friends moved from our late 30s into our early 40s, we would talk a lot about how we felt pretty unseen and excluded by the fashion industry. When I launched UNIEK, I definitely had myself and my friends in mind. I wanted to ensure that Uniek represented a safe space for all ages, shapes and backgrounds. 

If you were to summarise the UNIEK woman in a few sentences, how would she be described? 

The UNIEK woman is deeply appreciative of quality, and takes her time to build up a wardrobe that reflects her personality, her values and her lifestyle. She has to juggle so much everyday, so she wants to know she can take on the shifting demands of life in 2021 in comfort and style. 


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